talm is a responsible skincare brand that supports women before, during and after pregnancy with a strong belief: to combine safety and efficiency in beautiful products that make us feel good. 

talm has also designed a protocol of expert massage treatments dedicated to pregnant women and new mothers.
More details below on perinatal and post-natal massage.


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The founder

It was when she was pregnant with her first daughter that, Kenza Keller, the founder of talm, had the trigger: "pregnancy brings with it a lot of questions and worries about a changing body. And I found it difficult to access cosmetics that were truly reassuring. At the same time, I also really wanted to treat myself, to have products that looked good in my bathroom. That's how talm was born, a desire to reconcile everything: safety, efficiency and beautiful products that respect the environment!" 

Effective, healthy and safe products from the 1st day of pregnancy, during postpartum and breastfeeding

All talm products are manufactured and formulated in France and the packaging has been designed with respect for the environment. talm' skincare routine is breastfeeding compatible, 100% mama safe, certified organic, 99.7% natural origin, vegan, using 100% natural ingredients, and putting safety and excellence at the heart of our formulas..

talm' skincare routine is a simple 3-step daily routine:

1. Prepare with the mega serum in the morning, apply the serum to the sensitive areas (hips, stomach or breast for example) to prepare the skin and boost its elasticity. Slide the bead on and massage off the excess.

2. Hydrate with the mega balm : le matin just after applying the serum, take a dab of the balm and massage it on the same areas to deeply moisturize and soothe the skin.

3. Nourish with the mega oil : in the evening, alternate with the oil to reinforce the hydration, nourish and protect the skin. Apply a few drops to sensitive areas in circular massages.

    talm massages

    talm has designed a pregnancy and postpartum care protocol to support women and their bodies during this precious and delicate time. These two massages are performed by a certified perinatal massage therapist.

    • talm prenatal global massage* gives relaxation and relief through a non-therapeutic protocol specifically designed for pregnant women. This massage helps relieve the minor aches and pains of pregnancy, helps the muscles relax and activates blood and lymphatic circulation. 
    • The postpartum global massage** is a non-therapeutic massage that is both modelling and comforting. Its mission is to help postpartum mothers reconnect with their bodies by offering them a moment of relaxation. This massage helps relieve tension caused by childbirth and the arrival of the baby, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and helps reduce stress while aiding in recovery. Babies are welcome.

    During this privileged moment, the mother-to-be has the possibility, if she wishes, to exchange with Kenza, in confidence and benevolence. The massage is made with the mega oil talm, organic and vegan global care oil, 100% of natural origin.

    *From the 2nd trimester.
    **one week after a vaginal delivery or after the healing of a caesarean delivery.