Welcome to talm!

talm is a responsible skincare brand that supports women before, during and after pregnancy with a strong belief : to combine safety and efficiency in beautiful products that make us feel good.

100% made in France from responsible manufacturing

Made in France! All talm products are manufactured and formulated in France to guarantee the highest possible quality and total safety of our formulas. We can thus easily trace the entire production process and control the entire value chain: from raw material sourcing to product delivery. Our packaging has been designed with respect for the environment, favouring noble and infinitely recyclable materials such as glass. 

Our sleeves are made from environmentally friendly paper made from corn waste. This natural raw material is saved from landfill and used in an environmentally friendly way, thanks to an ecological manufacturing process that is much more advanced than the usual recycling processes.

If you look closely at the talm packaging, you will notice a slight grainy effect, caused by the use of corn! This feature allows our packaging to be completely compostable and biodegradable. 

A skincare range designed for mamas by a mama!

" It was when I was pregnant with my first daughter that I realized that pregnancy brings with it a lot of questions and worries about a changing body. And I found it difficult to access cosmetics that were truly reassuring. Throughout my pregnancy, I spent a lot of energy trying to decipher compositions and ingredient lists, without ever having a reliable source of information. At the same time, I also really wanted to treat myself, to have products that looked good in my bathroom and that didn't just scream STRETCH MARKS in huge letters on the bottle! That's how talm was born, a desire to reconcile everything: safety, efficiency and beautiful products that respect the environment! " 

Kenza, founder of talm.

Our skincare routine

At talm, we have created an easy 3-step skincare routine that can be used serenely before, during and after baby with healthy and safe products that we use in combination for maximum comfort and elasticity: this is our alternate moisturizing © ritual for supple and hydrated skin, skin in which you feel good, which does not pull, which does not itch and which will thus be less likely to break.

  1. Hydrate: lin the morning, choose the product you want to apply (oil or balm) for example: the care balm to apply in the morning after the shower.

  2. Alternate: in the evening, apply your second talm product (the one you didn't use in the morning, oil or balm), for example: the skincare oil to be applied in the evening with circular massages.
  3. Booste: in case of tightness, itching and too much skin distension (3rd trimester of pregnancy, twin pregnancy, second pregnancy, big baby or postpartum for example), boost your ritual with the serum. Either just before applying your balm or in spot applications during the day!
  4. Repeat : repeat the next day and every day without interruption for maximum effectiveness. For breastfeeding moms, all of our formulas are breastfeeding friendly.

Effective, organic, healthy and safe products from the 1st day of pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding

We adopt the talm skincare routine because it is: 

  • natural, clean and maternity expert 
  • certified bio cosmos organic by the Ecocert Greenlife label
  • free of synthetic fragrance 
  • developed and manufactured in France 
  • 100% safe for mama and baby