Prenatal and postnatal massage at home

Wrapping and comforting global body care


A real moment of relaxation and letting go for moms during pregnancy or after childbirth.

talm has thought of all those who don't really have time to take care of themselves by offering them a comforting and enveloping modeling treatment performed at home; a wellness massage with relaxing and stress-reducing virtues, specially designed to improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

The massage will be performed by Laura Tridoux, talm ambassador and doula, certified in perinatal massage.

Total duration: 1H45 including 1H of actual massage.
Service exclusively available in Paris intra muros 
*The massage can be modified or cancelled up to 48 hours before the date of the treatment. Unfortunately, no reimbursement will be made if this deadline is not met.
*The pregnancy treatment is available from the 2nd trimester of pregnancy
*The postpartum treatment is available one week after the delivery by vaginal route or after the healing of a caesarean delivery.

The mother will be able to choose if she wants to be massaged with her baby in her arms, at the place of her choice (in the living room, the bedroom, on a specific massage mattress brought by talm on the day). The massage can even be divided into several parts to allow the mother to take care of her baby.

step 1: choose a time slot 

step 2: Once the payment is made, you will receive a confirmation email with all the necessary information

The D-day: the masseuse will come to your home and perform a one-hour massage for the body. The massage will be done with talm organic care, 100% compatible with pregnancy, postpartum and breastfeeding, hypoallergenic and designed for maximum closeness to the baby.

In accordance with the law of 30/04/1946, the decree n°60665 of 04/07/1960, the article L.489 of the public health code and the decree of 08/10/1996, it is by no means a medical massage or physiotherapy, but a relaxation massage optimizing the state of well-being through a set of manual techniques.

talm is not a substitute for a doctor, a midwife, a gynecologist or a physical therapist.

There are contraindications to wellness massages which are: phlebitis, infections, fever, open wounds and serious circulation disorders. A medical certificate will be required if you suffer from diabetes, cancer or a complication during your pregnancy. Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions before making an appointment, we are at your disposal to answer them.

"There are a thousand and one ways to take care of yourself but it is sometimes difficult to do so for different reasons... So at talm, we wanted to bring a bubble of comfort to moms and moms-to-be without them having to worry about anything but themselves. That we can offer them our expertise by coming to them, in their cocoon, to pamper them and offer them a real moment of well-being, a mini spa at home, a moment of exchange, in the respect of what they are, of their experience and their desires."

Kenza Keller, founder of talm