Our postpartum vanity

What about the 4th trimester? To make life easier for women after childbirth, we partnered with the Bliss stories podcast and its founder, Clementine Galey, to create the postpartum kit we would have dreamed of having at the maternity ward.

" The fourth trimester can be a huge TSUNAMI in a woman's life. And since no one in France has really looked into the subject to ensure postpartum care, we decided to ACT! We combined our two worlds, talm and Bliss, to bring together the postpartum essentials, all the necessary and comforting products to overcome the first days after childbirth. Something to take care of your intimacy, to live a postpartum in complete serenity. "

Kenza & Clementine

Limited edition of 2500 units. Available here > 

BLISS-Stories is the Podcast of testimonies on pregnancy and childbirth. Real, strong, moving and fascinating stories, because knowledge is power!